Play Support Service

Using all of New Ark’s facilities, our specialist Play Support Service supports children who may have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

farm play support
Children who would benefit from this service includes those who:
• Are experiencing difficulties in the school environment.
• Have had exclusions or are close to permanent exclusion.
• Find access to the National Curriculum difficult.
• Would benefit from an alternative learning programme.

Do you know a child who may benefit from this service? If so, please contact the Play Support Service on 01733 890928  or email:

How New Ark Play Support Service works

We provide a highly individualised programme with all learning taking place through a play-based curriculum which has a focus on the outdoors.

Sessions are planned to suit each child’s individual needs and include building their confidence, self-esteem, communication and social skills. We encourage them to discover more about themselves and help them develop strategies to manage strong feelings.

Children may attend full or part-time for a few weeks or long-term. Our aim is to support them until they are able to return full time to a classroom environment.

We achieve our results by:
• Working in small groups and providing numerous opportunities for children to succeed, for example making positive contributions, becoming a role model, sharing their knowledge.
• Providing opportunities for children to discover things for themselves and follow their own interests to rediscover the joy of learning,
• Spending lots of time talking about and expressing feelings. We experiment to find strategies that cope with negative feelings and encourage positive feelings to build self-esteem.

Children have access to all of New Ark’s facilities:
Play Support building Used for art and craft, painting, computer activities, homework support, cookery, woodwork, clay modelling and individual and group play sessions.
City farm We incorporate the farm into every session so that children can help to care for the livestock through supervised hands-on experience.
Adventure playground A place to explore, experiment, take supervised risks and experience the benefits of strenuous activity.
Eco centre With its small orchard, woodland garden and sensory area, children discover the calming effects of nature and learn to help protect our natural environment.

New Ark Safeguarding Policy